Nishna Valley Family YMCA



TLC Child Care Before School Program
The TLC Child Care Before School Program is a before school program that runs Monday through Friday and opens at 6:30am.

TLC Child Care Afterschool Program
TLC is the YMCA's after-school childcare program.  We will also provide childcare on snow days, late starts, early outs, or in-service days. 

Fee schedule is as follows:
              First Child                                                            Additional Child
1 Punch -    $5.50                                $4.95
2 Punches - $11.00                              $9.90
3 Punches - $16.50                              $14.85
4 Punches - $22.00                              $19.80
5 Punches - $27.50                              $24.75
6 Punches - $33.00                              $29.70
1/2 Punch - $2.25                                $2.02
Before School Care is 1/2 punch per day

Daily Schedule:
3:00- Pick up children at the Washington School Flagpole (4th and 5th graders are responsible for walking over themselves)
3:30- Homework
4:00- Snack
4:30 Gym time
5:00- TLC room/closing

Days: Monday through Friday
Times: regular school days - after-school to 5:30pm
snow or in-service days - 6:30am to 5:30pm
early out days - school dismissal to 5:30pm
Fees: Fees are paid auto bank withdraw at the end of each week.  
Registration: Call the Y and talk to Chelsie for more information at 243-3934.