Nishna Valley Family YMCA

Adult Aquatic Programs


Water Cardio

An aqua class with a kick!  Always something different, but guaranteed to give you a great cardiovascular and toning workout.  Be ready to sweat during this intense but fun 45 minute class.

Time: 8:15-9:00am, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
Instructor: Ashlee Peckham (T/Th) Karla Akers (M) Amber Green (W)
Fee: Free to members; Daily fee for public

 Arthritis Foundation YMCA Aquatic Program

This is a recreational exercise program with a wellness concept for people with arthritis to manage symptoms, maintain independence and enjoy life.  This program is helpful with improving muscle strength, endurance, flexibility, manage pain and relieve symptoms of arthritis.  This program is designed for people of any age living with arthritis or other related diseases.  All participants must have a signed medical release form from their doctor.

Time: 10:00-10:45am, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday
Instructor: Ashton Koehlmoos
Fee: Free to members; Daily fee for public


Hydro-Fit Water Class

Enjoy this energetic, aerobic workout with a variety of exercises—something different every day. This workout includes cardiovascular training for your heart and strength training for your muscles.  Exercises may be in shallow and deep water. Come take part in this great 45 minute workout!

Time: 4:30-5:15PM Tuesday & Thursday
Instructor: Amber Green
Fee: Free to members, Daily fee for public

Private Swimming Lessons

Private Swimming Lessons are always available.  They are for people of any age.  You will get one on one instruction.  Private lessons allow the instructor to give their student 100% of her or his attention.  Our instructors will evaluate each swimmer and plan lessons according to the participants particular strengths and weaknesses.  With private lessons, you can pick a time that works in your schedule.  Please be aware, if a participant fails to come at a scheduled time without advance notice, the session is still counted. 
Fee: $60 members; $80 non-members consisting of 6 lessons, each 30 minutes long