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Personal Trainers


Why do I need a Trainer?

Making the decision to hire a trainer can sometimes be a tough one.  You may have realized that you’re not achieving your goals, from weight loss to body transformation, but you’re not sure that you’ll get enough out of the experience to make it worth spending your hard-earned money.  

Check out the common problems that clients bring to trainers and see how they can solve them.

You’ve been working out for some time and not seeing the results you want.  A trainer can look at your current program and help you make the changes needed to make it more effective.  They can help you determine if the goals you have set are realistic and may help you see areas where you actually are progressing.

There’s so much information out there you don’t know where to start.  A trainer has received specific education in program design that incorporates cardio, resistance training, flexibility and balance components.  They know how to put each of these together to help you reach your goals, not Trixi’s from YouTube.  They will also teach you the safest and most effective technique.  Bad form can lead to injury and setbacks.

Accountability and Motivation.  You always have good intentions to get your workout in but find it easy to get sidetracked.  One of the most important roles of a trainer is to be a source of accountability.  A friend or spouse will never be as involved in your progress as a trainer because the trainer has invested time and effort into your success along with you (and they don’t have to live with you).  They want you to stick to the path that you design with them and they will be there to cheer you on.  Knowing you have a standing appointment is also pretty good motivation.  It’s harder to give a lame excuse to your trainer than your friend. 

You’re bored with your workouts.  It’s easy to get into a rut with your workouts.  Not only has your progress plateaued, but you’ve stopped challenging yourself.  A trainer will come up with new and interesting ways to do some of your old favorites and will bring in some new options, too.  They are also up on the newest fitness trends so that they can help you decide what fits you and what doesn’t.



Session length is 45 minutes and prices listed are per session.  Clients will be asked to pay for their sessions prior to meeting with their trainer.

1 to 9 Sessions                                   $35 each

10 or more Sessions                            $25 each

PT 101—Assessment and 3 sessions     $100

Assessment and Program Design Only   $50


Sessions can also be shared between 2 or more clients.  Ask your trainer for their pricing in these situations.  Our trainers are very versatile and are happy to work with you whether you are an exercise beginner, a seasoned exerciser at a plateau, or an advanced exerciser training for a specific event.


JON JORDAN, ACE CPT                    712-249-2146

ASHTON KOEHLMOOS, CSCS           712-221-1877

ASHLEE PECKHAM, ACE                  712-249-2869

SETH STAASHELM                         660-541-1602